Residency Requirements:  All players registering for baseball or softball must live in Rowley, participate in school choice in Rowley, or have a parent or legal guardian with a permanent residence in the Town of Rowley.  All eligible children will be given the opportunity to play regardless of their ability to pay.  If you are in need of a financial waiver, please contact Joe Haley at jphcorsair@gmail.com.

Levels of Play:  Please take a moment to read the school age/grade eligibility requirements for each level of play within baseball and softball.  Register your child for the appropriate level based on these guidelines. The goal of RYBS is to field fair and balanced teams to create an enjoyable and safe experience for all the children in the league.

Evaluations:  Evaluations are held in January for Major & Minor Divisions.  Evaluations for Double A are held in February or March.   This will afford the league and its coaches an opportunity to evaluate players as everyone will go into a pool for a league draft.  Again, the goal is to field fair, competitive and balanced teams.  More information regarding evaluations will be sent out after registration is complete. 


Evaluation date: 02/04/23 @ 3:00pm

Sports Factory Salisbury MA 

Majors and Minors Baseball (Double A if needed) 



 RYBS Levels of Play - Baseball


MAJOR LEAGUE (Entering grades 5 & 6 in September of 2022 and 7th graders born after 4/30/2010 are eligible) – The Major League represents the most competitive level of play in Rowley Youth Baseball. At the Major League, level there is a maximum of 12 players per team. Teams play on fields that have 70-foot base paths.  The pitcher’s mound is a distance of 50 feet from home plate. 


Cost: $175.00                                          Home Field: Eiras 1

MINOR LEAGUE (Entering grades 3 & 4 in September of 2022) – The minor league is the first level of Inter-town competitive play.  Winning and losing are now a reality and championships, trophies for winning teams only and All-Star teams are all in play.  All pitching is done by players and pitching is strictly monitored (i.e. pitch count) for safety.  There is a maximum limit of 12 players on a team. 

All MINOR LEAGUE PLAYERS must be able to:

  • Throw and catch a ball from across the diamond (i.e. from 3rd base to 1st base)

  • Independently demonstrate proper batting mechanics

  • Be comfortable in a batter’s box with live pitching from 3rd or 4th grade players with pitches ranging from 30-40mph+

RYBS strongly encourages parents to consider another year of Double A for safety reasons and to ensure an enjoyable experience for all players if your child cannot perform at the MINOR level. 

Teams at this level play on fields that have 60-foot base paths.  The pitcher’s mound is a distance of 46 feet from home plate. 

Cost: $175.00                                         Home Field: Eiras 2



DOUBLE A (Entering grade 2 in September of 2022) – DOUBLE A is a level of play designed to help players make the challenging transition from coach-pitched games to player-pitched games.  We have a modified travel schedule at this level.  The game rules at this level are a combination of rules used in SINGLE A and MINORS (For example: limited amount of walks per inning, pitch counts, limited base stealing, etc.).    


This level of play has an emphasis on developing pitchers and catchers and introducing situational baseball for infielders and outfielders.  This level of play also introduces proper batting techniques versus player pitching.  All players at this level should be prepared to start the season having the ability to throw and catch a baseball with proper technique.  

Evaluations may be necessary at this level depending on number of registrants.

The pitcher’s mound is 40 feet from home plate and the base paths are at 60 feet.

Cost: $150.00                                          Home Field: Haley Field

SINGLE A (Entering grade 1 in September of 2022 or 6 years old by January 1, 2023) – SINGLE A is a coach-pitched level of play for beginning players in first or second grade.  Basic skills such as throwing, catching and batting stance are taught.  Coaches will start introducing the "rules" of the game and there is a more structured level of play with strikes, outs, etc.  We have a modified travel schedule at this level and scores are not recorded.  An emphasis on having fun learning the game of baseball is promoted at this level.  

The pitcher’s mound is 40 feet from home plate and the base paths are at 60 feet.  Friend requests are considered at this level of play but we will not guarantee all requests will be met.

Cost: $150.00                                        Home Field: Haley Field

TEEBALL (Entering Pre K & K in September of 2022) –  Minimum age requirement is player must turn 4 prior to January 1, 2023.  TEEBALL is the introductory level of play in baseball.  Coaches work with players to develop basic throwing, catching, and hitting skills.  The goal is to have fun so the children enjoy the introduction to baseball with their family and friends.  Tee Ball meets twice per week (on a weeknight) for a combined 1/2 hour practice and 1/2 hour game at coaches discretion. Games are played M-F from 6:00-7:00.  Friend requests are accepted at this level of play but we cannot guarantee all requests will be met.

                   Cost: $120.00                                 Home Field: Rowley Town Common